Monday, January 24, 2011

my weekend

many things i think im gonna let the pictures do the talking! cant b spending lots of time final year project is fighting for my attention..oh no!!! =(

my self reward for finishing a small part of my fyp progress

one mouth full each donut..ahhh..choc makes me happy!!
*big big smiles*

movie date with yati..grrrr!
big applause to both of us..we din really close our eyes!

sushi time too!!! ahhh..i miss salmon now! *drools*
look at the amount we had...hahahha

satisfied cause we had 20% off..weee~!

baby sitting time..hahhaa...
met baby ethan at a party...cute cute..
he has grown!

kate lynn turns 1..happy bday baby!
look at the many presents..nice!

now the weekend is over..huhu..time to stay focus on my final year project..ahhh...this week i haf a due date to catch! i dun like thinking about it..but i haf to.. =( *sob sob* cant believe its jus monday and im already looking forward for the weekend!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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