Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the bachelor season 15

its just episode 4 and im already rooting for some of the girls to marry Brad Womack..haha..if u guys are wondering wats this all about..its actually a reality tv series that im watching called 'The Bachelor'...its a show where a good looking bachelor finds his wife.. =) i really like watching their romantic dates and how the girls create drama and attention for the guy..haha..but im rooting for 6 girls!!


this is Madison...but she left already =(
she was too soft hearted n could not stand fighting with other girls
she said some deserved him more than her..haih!

i like her soft side =) im sure Brad misses her too...


 this is Shawntel..she is very shy..but i like the way she tries to open up

this is their signature pose..hehe
she asked him to carry her the same way on a date =)


the soft spoken girl...

pretty rite? she reminds me of Tenley..another bachelorette =)


this is wat i mean by romantic dates! haha

awwww...i like how she carry herself..full of respect and fun!

one of my dream dates..hahhaa... *zap back to reality*


she is miss bubbly

i like the way Brad is so himself around her...

as a viewer..i cant even choose one girl to root sure its hard for Brad himself..haih...but i do wish him all the best.. =) everyone deserves to find love cause its a very blissful experience =) awwww.....i cant wait for the next episode!! back to final year project! =(

-thanks secret keeper-


  1. Interesting thing here about this one. Like the upcoming season episode. I think this would be very interesting to say the least. Just like the preview below.

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