Thursday, January 20, 2011

romantic dinner @ boardwalk

last nite, i went for a romantic dinner...ahhh..i love the nite! amazing food, great ambience and of coz with a great companion =) it was jus the two of us..enjoying each other... *loves*

we were at hilton kl

we chose to dine at boardwalk, their poolside restaurant

i like the surrounding so much..

i got a great the pool..
thanks to early reservation =)
there were only 4-5 tables by the pool...

appetizer - the Cesare salad
the cheesie taste was just nice
but im not a fren of green vege..huhu

spicy tomato soup..contradicting title rite?
the flavour was kinda confusing as well...hmmm

finally the main course!!
bbq plater for 2...yummy!
we had veal sausages, lamb, grilled salmon, corn, beef steak and many more...
*burp burp*

tropical fruits platter with vanilla ice cream
jus the best dessert after a whole lot of bbq dishes... =)

we were really we decided to take a walk around the pool while waiting for our was very beautiful and romance is in the air!!! hehehehe....

*smiles of satisfaction*

*bye hilton..hope to b coming back!*

-thanks faithful listener-

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