Thursday, January 13, 2011

lets be "civil" students

Institution of Civil Engineers

today, my university had an interesting event by the civil departments..they were campaigning mostly on how to save the earth i guess..haha.. =P but i did capture some interesting things at the booths they set up..

this is marina sands in singapore..
made out of ice cream sticks and scrap paper

this is taj mahal..the sculpture is very nice!

this is beijing's olympic stadium
i spotted this from far!

this is the Colosseum..look at the huh?

besides making buildings from used materials..they had other campaigns as well...check them out.. 

save the turtles!!!

can u spot the little man at the bottom of the tree?
very very creative =)

i wanna congratulate those who made this event a was very interesting and knowledgeable..*claps*

-thanks faithful listener-

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