Sunday, January 30, 2011

i love contests!!

if u haf been reading my blog..u mite realize that i haf been winning some food vouchers from fast food restaurants to prestige restaurants..but never a voucher for spa..thinking bout spa makes me dream of comfort, relaxation and stress relieving..

who can resist being pampered in such a comfy room???

as i was researching on my final year head was goin bonkers with so many different codings and i dont know which will build succesfully and which will have the outcome i need..oh dear!!!! STRESS!!! so i decided to go for blog reading..if u dun know wat dat..its actually simply googling for blogs and reading them and if i love them..i will bookmark them!! fun sometimes =)

i came across this blog..
interesting filipino working mum =)

and guess wat i found...i consider myself to b lucky and blessed..she is having a giveaway in conjunction with her blog's 3rd anniversary!!! ahhhhh...and she is giving out 50% discount vouchers!!!!!!! i want them of coz i joined..wanna b my competitor?? visit her blog!! hehe....all the best! =)

hope they will be mine...*fingers crossed*

-thanks faithful listener-

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