Friday, January 7, 2011

♥ tutti frutti ♥

yesterday i went to ioi mall puchong..its been some time since i had ice creams..on diet =P so wen i walk pass this shop "Tutti Frutti"..i was excited with the tagline..'Stay fit with frozen yoghurt'...ahhhh!!! its a little expensive tho..RM0.53 per 10 this means i cant haf it all the time..haha

make it ur own..
i chose blueberry + vanilla
om nom nom nom.....

frutti toppings =)

chocolaty toppings..
to add on some calories..hahaha very own!!
this cost me RM18..but it was for 3 people..
just enough for all =)

it was really yummy...
taste jus like ice creams but way healthier!!
*big smiles*

we were all over satisfied with our 1st try!!!

their tagline should be
*they taste the same!*

-thanks faithful listener-

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