Saturday, January 29, 2011

pavillion with my bestie

mid term break is finally here..time to gif myself some me time..and also some frens time and of coz lots of love time..hahaha.. =P since its a working day..its me and frens the morning..chah n i went to pavilion to settle some stuff..once we got it was shopping time =) we decided not to drive there coz the parking fees are really we took public transport..its been awhile tho...

us at sungai besi lrt station

got our 'pergi balik' tickets to hang tuah...

we had to change to monorail and stop at bukit bintang station..

on our way walking to pavilion..there were promoters promoting buy 1 free 1 at sakae sushi..and since i haf not eaten my favourite salmon sashimi for some time..i suggested to have some for tea time =) since we only managed to have brunch...

my companion for the day

my 1st time here..look at the cute mr frog

lobster and squid sushi

soft shell crab temaki

salmon mango temaki

egg mayo sushi

unagi sushi

my favorite salmon..i had 2 plates only..huhu..

as a comparison to sushi usual choice..sushi king has more choices..but i like the soy sauce and the sushi rice texture... =) but its a lil more pricey here..but u guys out there who love sushi..i would suggest u to gif it a try here!

we were out for almost 5 hours..hmmm..n thank God my car is safe..haha..i parked by the road side only..not in a proper parking lot..luckily no saman as well..haha..

p/s: for those travelling back already..haf a safe journey!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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