Monday, January 10, 2011

bargaining at central market

last saturday..i decided to go to central market to get some paintings..oil paintings =) we decided not to drive there due to lack of parking space and also we took public transport..we went there and came back in different routes..

waiting for our train 
huhu..he camera shy? =P

ta-daa...we are at our destination =)

they had chinese new year decorations already..
i cant wait to collect ang paus!!

this is our favorite painting shop..
the salesman was so so friendly!

they had small paintings..
more of chinese traditional style..

these are paintings with well wishes and words of wisdom

awesome painting of our city!

if i had kids...i will surely buy this..cuteeee!

best choice for a ballet studio

this is a kind and friendly salesman
he is from india..i really did bargained a lot from him..
n im so happy he agreed with my deal!! weee~!
thanks again n i wish him prosperity!

this is the abstract we bought...
it really lights up the dining it!
4 x 2 for only RM170 plus stretching frame!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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