Tuesday, November 2, 2010

day 1: fun in bukit cerakah part 1

1st thing to announce..exams are over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *happppiiieeee* rite after my sports management exam...me, bali, yati n aisyah went to fill our tummies..haha..our greatest activity...and we happened to b attacked by cats! oh NO! for those who know me..u know me n cats NEVER get along...grrrrr! the cat must b really hungry..he scratched bali...gosh! i freaked out..i couldnt finish my food in peace..i think the next time i crave for food from that shop..its TAPAU time... =P

after lunch..only the girls continued with more fun!! hehe....we chose bukit cerakah! weeee~! something new..we dun usually add parks to our list of enjoyment.. =P but after this visit..we must google for more! =) there are many things to explore in bukit cerakah actually..but if ur planning to gps the place..key in "taman pertanian malaysia"..it will lead u there! =) i think we only explore 3 attractions..oh ya..skytrek is one of the main attraction here..but we were game for it this time..

we are finally here..

at the entrance..
there is a fee of RM3
(includes of bus ride in the park)

we were welcomed by this unique root

the bus service was kinda poor...but because we were excited..
we were smiling all the way!!!

our 1st stop was to the lake..
a lot of walking!

love the scenery...

surprisingly there were no mosquitoes..weee~!

me n my best buddy no#1..miss chah!

my favorite shot!!!

i really love being around them..my besties!

our next pit stop: playground!!!

swing! feels like a child...

vandalizing?? haha

giant on rabbit..hehe

pity the scooter..haha =P

my girls!!!!

stay tune for part 2 ok?
another 3 pit stops...

-thanks faithful listener-

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