Monday, November 1, 2010

a unique weekend

wondering wat so unique..haha..its actually a weekend that u can only find in every 800++ years... =) its the 5th friday, 5th saturday and 5th sunday in the month of october...can u can find another month like dat...tell me!! i wanna share with u wat happened during my special weekend!

yummy lunch at johnny's
we tried their thai ala carte instead of our usual steamboat

hungry faces waiting for food! haha
the pineapple rice and tomyam was thumbs up!

we drove around putrajaya after dinner..

nice sunset...

more golden it
spot the birds..hahaha

here comes the boring part of the weekend!! =(

slumber party after 2nd last test! yay!
we watched lagenda budak setan while sipping coconuts..

love the simple FUN we had!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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