Wednesday, November 3, 2010

day 1: fun in bukit cerakah part 2

wondering if bukit cerakah is all about trees and that small playground in my previous post..u shall rethink after this post..hehe... =)

our 3rd pit stop..

awww...a rest under shady mr mushroom..

wondering wats mr chili doin here?
he is a rubbish bin!! n miss yati is lovin' it! =P

the mushroom gallery..but its under construction.. =(

our following pit stop..
there is a RM3 entrance fee for this attraction..its their main one!

its really cool...its fall now and its only 9'C!
the season in this "house" changes..
mite come here in winter =)

the scenery is beautiful..but sadly we cant step on them..
too precious i guess...


we jus enjoy silly poses!

"we wanna get there!!!!" *screams*

satisfactory smiles! =)

our last pit stop...the look out tower!

taking a rest before starting the climb..hehe

resting at the top..beautiful garden view!

here comes the SCARY part...ahhh...while walking down..we spotted a snake on the staircase railing..oh no!!! how are we gonna come down then??? !@#$% we tried looking around for people..none!! its was almost closing time looked like a plastic snake..but gosh..u can hear it hissing!!!! grrrrr!

look small rite?

suddenly yati gave a suggestion that we should jus walk slowly down..oh dear! as soon as she stepped on the staircase..the snake hissed and fell to the ground and wriggled its body n i dunno wer it moved to..hehe..only hero aisyah was excited on taking picture and all...eeewww~!


finally it went behind the pillar and in split second..we ran down the narrow 3 stories steps!! ahhhh...wat a day! in the morning we were attacked by a cat n now a snake!!! i hope 2moro will b better! =)

the snake stole our smiles!!! grrrr~!
but its an experience of a lifetime =) haha...


-thanks faithful listener-

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