Thursday, August 5, 2010

skytrek @ shah alam

i went to this adventurous outing with my church cell group... :) it was so much fun..altho i was very worried..not so much with the height..but more of doin the obstacles hanging in the air..hmmm..*shakey*

this is my bunch of cell group mates!
we chose big thrill..its gonna b 22m high!

our harness is ready!
thanks to the guides there...

bring ur own if u dun wanna pay RM3 =P
this proves to u that ur hand strength is needed!

flying fox...weee~!
haha..of coz not this low..
this is the try out area..
3 things to note..
carabiner, pulley and lanyard

this is the real challenge..
climbing up the ladder n looking down is already freaking me out..

a few pics of the obstacles:
swinging tarzan


zig zag

this was taken by our last participant, prem :)
every obstacle must b done alone..
n one at a no one moves too fast or too slow..
together gether..hehe
we started at 9am n ended at 11.30am :)

bye bye..
see u again...........hopefully!
i wanna try 'extreme challenge'
its higher n harder i think... =P

those adventurous peeps out there..gif this a try!
prrof to urself that heights is not a factor 4 u!!! :)

-thanks faithful listener-

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