Monday, November 8, 2010

day 2: skin 11 facial treatment

this is really a late sorry! was busy having fun after final exams..haha.. =) about 2 weeks ago..aisyah and i won a 2 and a half hours facial treatment from a contest on facebook..the best prize for a face filled with "stress-pimples"..hehe...glad that we could make an appointment on the same day, same time!! =)

we went to the taipan branch

the package that we won!!

worth RM375..happy!!

we were greeted by a really friendly therapist...she even offered to pay my hourly parking ticket..den she explained the treatment we were about to undergo..we were also asked to fill up a form regarding all the allergies..den we were brought to our respective comfy rooms...

comfy bed n soft comforter..

the treatment begins!!

the 1st treatment was the double deep cleansing followed by scrub..den it was time for our 1st mask..i tot the mask smelled like roti boy..haha..but chah tot it smelled like pineapple..den it was time for the part i fear most!! extraction!! ahhh...painful!! but bye bye black and white heads!! den it was time for the hydrating was really relaxing..den we had a treatment with a machine to haf on the spot hydration!! lastly was the minty cooling mask..i love this las mask the most..very very cooling and i slept!! hahaha...

the machines used

our treatment ended with a soothing neck, shoulder and head massage...awww...i jus love the massage... wished it was longer!! hehe...

happy satisfied smiles!!

thank u skin11!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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