Monday, November 8, 2010

day 3: muruku please!

weee~! its a public time to go out ♥ ...before telling u wat i did on this festival of lights..i wanna wish all my hindu frens...HAPPY DEEPAVALI!!!! sorry again that im wishing u peeps..kinda late!

kolum..i love this art! teaches u patience.. =)

since its a public holiday..i slept in...weee~! woke up only around 11am..mite b stil early for some of u..haha..after brunch..i decided to go to mid valley...there is a pc expo there..but it was crazy finding for a car park!! and there is a new parking rate in mid valley starting from 1st nov...there will b no more maximum parking rate for a day...and i was there for 7 hours!!! gosh!

tea time? haha

thumbs up movie..
baby sophea is sooo cute!! ahhhh...would kidnap her!

awesome time in mid valley and gardens =)

after was time for dinner..or mebbe supper..haha..we went to williams..had my all time no.1 choice..roti hawaii..and he had cream cheese naan...yum yum!!! ♥ great day out...wanna know wat i did for my day 4? stay tune......


-thanks faithful listener-

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