Wednesday, November 17, 2010

bluebells' 23rd concert!

for those who do not know...Bluebells is my mum's kindy...and last sunday was their 23rd! its even older than was fun watching those cuties dancing and singing...some were really great dancer..some were so cheeky!! hehehe..below are some pictures for u to check out how cute the kiddies are.. =)

cool back drop huh?

love the arch!

getting some make cute!!!

 she loves putting eye shadow..hehe..eveready!

great masters of ceremony

the native Flintstones costumes..hehe

the 2-3 years old babies..they can shake!

♪ im a little teapot... 

 some get a little cheeky on stage..hehe..

the alisan dance..a chinese folk dance..

a japanese the umbrellas..

the 6 year old students singing..the song was very nice..
cant remember the title...sorry!

well done to all the teachers!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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