Tuesday, November 9, 2010

day 4: historical malacca part 2

from this morning's post..let me continue blogging wer i went after lunch in malacca.. =) we continued walking around jonker street..i love looking at cute cute stuff but din buy any cause i know i dun used them!! haha..will become junk soon! =P under the scorching sun..its time for a cold icy dessert!

sluuurrrp! the pure gula malacca!

one thing i din know was malacca is famous for pineapple tarts as well..haha...practically every tiny street along jonker walk has at least a pineapple tart bakery...so we bought a box to try!! its GOOD!

freshly baked tarts... =)

after walking along the streets..we decided to search for a big Portuguese ship..but we did not know exactly wat it was called..so we jus gps everything related to Portuguese..haha...and we ended up in the portuguese settlement...the sea view is really scenic! 

but its still not our imagined place of the big ship

christ church @ red square
stil cant spot the big ship =(

holland windmills..malacca style!

the fort..BOOM!
but where is the big ship??

kincir air kesultanan melaka...
finally we saw the big ship!!!

ta-daa the big ship!!!!
can u c the taming sari tower?

the entrance fee into the big Portuguese ship is RM3..its kinda like a museum...and the entrance fee includes entrance to 3 places...worth it?? =) after walking almost the whole town..its time for dinner!! satay celup!!!

look at the queue!!!
this is quite near to jonker walk..

cant wait to dig in!! each stick for RM0.60

happy satay celup!! hehe

i jus love travelling so much...
be it in or out of malaysia!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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