Friday, February 5, 2010

UNITEN career fair 2010 : done!

the career fair that has be held on 3rd and 4th february is finally done SUCCESSFULLY!!! since this year i was in the sponsorship team so there wont b many pictures from 9am to 5pm..coz busy busy busy!!! :(

but this is also the only year i had that we lepak both nites!! it was lots of fun... :)

day 1 : dinner @ chicken rice shop

we were actually kinda we chose alamanda..sumwer nearby..but after much laughing n joking..everyone was no longer tired n sleepy..haha..n sum1 came up with a plan to watch muvee...hmmm....interesting! everyone agreed...

scary huh???

this poster has one moral of the story..'dun judge a book by its cover' looks scary n creepy..but tru out the 1 and a half hours..we were jus laughing at how funny the"ghosts" look..luckily it was a wednesday..din waste much..haha..

there was more work on the 2nd day..haih...

settling the merchandise and lucky draws..

and as usual..since its all over..time for party!!!!!!!! we really enjoyed ourselves...

thanks teammates! :)

day 2: dinner @ secret recipe

us @ vvip room! :P

12 VVIPs...hehe

it was really nice to sit among them n jus laugh at daniel's lame jokes..n all the other silly answers..its so stress relieving! hehe...n as usual wen all are out..there must b a photo session...n this is the BEST!!!!! the reflection effect!

p/s: i cant wait for sunday to haf post moterm...a lot of improvement needed for 2011!

-thanks faithful listener-

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