Sunday, February 14, 2010

blessed valentines, my love ♥

you have taught me the meaning of love in so many ways...n i never felt bored being in love with u....thanks dear for the wonderful moments..sweet memories..amazing 'away precious time'..huggy!! ♥

my meaning of love

♥♥ This is for my dearest ♥♥

another reason to celebrate,
another reason to go on a special date,
another reason to fill my day with smiles,
wishing him 'happy valentines day' from 15 miles...

i am looking forward to seeing him,
spending precious moments to the brim,
for i know its gonna be fun,
whether under the rain or in the sun..
he is the one who is on my side,
even wen the world walks out of sight,
he noes me inside out,
without needing me to say out loud...

my life is filled wit colours,
he is the rainbow that brought wonders,
wen im sad and lonely,
he gives me the comforting hugs and kisses i need dearly..
everytime wen he makes me feel super happy,
i write a song that makes him feel super lovely,
i thank God for him, my sunshine,
that brightens up my day all the time...

at times wen we argue,
im sorry i hurt you,
i wanna thank him for alwiz forgiving me,
alwiz showering his endless love over me..

wen his cheekiness creeps to the bits,
he deserves sum bites and hits,
but without his naughtiness,
our love wil b so monotonous...
thanks dear for the wonderful love and care,
for a new joyful day with him everyday i pray,
im looking forward to writing more songs to sing to him,
my dearest valentine, may our love be blessed by HIM!

I LOVE U so much!!!


-thanks faithful listener-

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