Saturday, February 13, 2010

taboos of chinese new year

1) House Cleaning

the entire house should be cleaned before New Year's day..all brooms, dusters, dust pans, brushes and other cleaning equipments should be kept for the fear that good fortune will b swept away..after New Year's day..all the dirt n rubbish swept must b taken out from the back door..if not the good fortune collected on New Year's day will b thrown away.

2) Bringing in the new year n expelling the old

shooting off the fireworks on New Year's Eve is the sign on expelling the old year n welcoming the new the stroke of midnight..all doors n even windows must b open to allow the old year to leave.

3) New Year activities set precendent

all debts have to b paid by this time..nothing should b lent on this anyone who does will b lending all year..

everyone should refrain from using foul or unlucky words..death and ghost stories are a total taboo!!! reference about the past should not b uttered too..

if u cry on New Year's day..u will cry all children are very lucky..even if they are very naughty..all spanking will b kept for nex year..haha :P

4) Personal Appearance and Cleanliness

we are not allowed to wash your hair as that would wash away your good clothing is brings a bright future..receiving ang paus are a sign of receiving good fortune..

5) More New Year's Superstitions

it is considered unlucky to greet anyone in their even the sick has to get dressed and b in the living room

do not use knives or scissors on New Year's day as it may cut off your fortune

nowadays..not many chinese believe in these taboos..but its still a tradition that we carry out..

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! may the year of the year bring you good cheer!! :)

-thanks faithful listener-

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