Wednesday, February 24, 2010

him (,") ♥ (",) her

last sunday...after a long cny visitation..n followed by a heavy down was great takin a nap..hehe.. :P wen i woke was almost 9pm!! dinner tyme! after minutes of thinking wer to eat..i decided to eat at sumwer new.. :) taipan new foodcourt!!!

swing and eat..hehe

many varieties rite?

the food was not bad...mebbe 6/10 ★ i had fish paste noodles..of coz not as delicious as the seri kembangan wan...but ok-ok la.. :P after dinner..i jus felt like goin for a slow drive n enjoy the moment..hehe..n it was agreed upon!! yay~! we drove all the way to shah alam..i lost count of the many was really a nice n sweet drive.. :)

today i was kinda car was giving me some trouble..i could not move the steering wheel!!! its my key cant even turn an inch..this means no way to start my engine!!! argh!

y u merajuk n stay still??? :(

i was really worried..dunno wat to do..tried so many times (almost 100)..but stil cant start!! gave a call to mr forever there..n he told me to keep after EIS..i was shock to c mr forever there turn up!!! he came all the way to help... :) *im touched!!* but stil cant 2moro im gonna call kurnia to tow my car to the nearest proton for repair..huhu... PHM 8081 is sick! :(

but to turn things round..i was brought out for dinner.. :) yay~! n since i jus got my career allowance..i treated mr forever there dinner..NANDOS!!!

sumthing new again..

i wud not say that its very very delicious..coz most of it was 40% burnt..huhu..its RM26.90 i has 3 chicken wings, 1 sausage, 4 mini kebab, pita and cucumber salad..

after dinner..we were walking around in alamanda..n guess wat!! i got a present from mr forever there!!! thanks so so it loads!!!! ♥♥♥ *huggies!*

♥ i love this bee-loon ♥

p/s: thanks dear for alwiz being there wen i needed u most!

-thanks faithful listener-


  1. foodcourt taipan best!dunno why i said that place is best.haha.mybe sbb bnyak stall n mcm2 menu.slalu gak time lunch mkn kt sane sbb dekat ngn opis.yum.yum..

  2. ye ke kak?? tp mee rojak die x best sgt..haha..y kat belakang uniten lagi sedappp.. :P