Saturday, February 20, 2010

star cruises : pisces

on the 4th day of n my bro wen on a cruise to the international waters..this Pisces Star Cruise is gonna b in Penang for 4 my brother n i grabbed the opportunity to experience it.. :)

at penang ferry terminal..weld quay..can c the cruise??

our boarding pass..yay!

before we cud do anything..bro wanted to check the room that was given to us before checking out the 12 storey cruise..

double decker..bro said it was like my hostel..haha

thats his best pose..ish!

our room view...nice!! :)

after resting awhile..bro decided that he wanted to pay for an upgrade since he din not pay for this hostel-like room..hehe

admiral class...upgrade success!

there is a sofa set in the new room! big n comfy!

soon it was time for dinner...there were many restaurants and coffee shops..but we were given a free buffet dinner...the food was jus ok-ok!

bro ling up d..hehe

economy rice style of buffet..haha

restaurant ala thai ;)

since we ate d..we got a lil more energy to explore the whole cruise..we preferred the stairs so that we can c what they have on each storey..

nail saloon



mahjong and black jack counters.. :P

at the pool deck

swimming swimming costume..huhu

since my bro new the management...i cud go to places with "crew only" was fun :)

safety manager from sweden

the other crew..cant remember their origin.. :P

thank you koko for this wonderful was my 1st time up in a definitely gonna save up to go again with my frens..gonna b fun!! :P

*thumbs up*

p/s: im back in uni alone for the nite..huhu

-thanks faithful listener-

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