Wednesday, February 10, 2010

♥ love is in the air ♥

im so so happy las nite.... ♥ i celebrated valentine's early since i will be busy collecting angpau on 14 feb this date started at 5pm.. :)

love sparks in the air!! ;p

y we chose to celebrate on a tues? nothing special actually..its because the preview is on at 5pm we left home to the curve..

on my way there..only cheeky's fingers pose..ish!

since its been quite awhile...we chose our favorite meatballs! yum yum....but we shared this time..sharing is caring..hehe..n caring is loving! :)

it was such a special dinner..i was fed more than usual.. xoxo!

after dinner..there was about an hour more for our we went shopping around ikea...found sum funny stuff..hehe...sum cute stuffs as caps or mebbe hats.. :P

cheeky chose this furry thingy for me..cute ah?

since we were at the curve d..sure la must take pictures...n thank God i havent reach cheeky's quota for the day yet..hehe..but i noe cheeky will extend it at any moment..rite? :)

gong xi fa cai!

great lighting at the curve walk

happy valentine's day!

by the time after taking was time 2 go for our our popcorn n healthy mineral lets enter!!! n before the movie started..sham from came into the cinema n wanted to gif out 'valentine's day movie' soundtrack cds..n i won!!!! yay! :D before entering..cheeky got me a bee tee..yay! it matches my bee earrings cheeky got me a week ago...awesome!

rate: 8/10 ★

this is personally made for u ♥

presents!!! weee~!

1) bee tee - for her
2) pencil holder - for him
3) valentine card - for him
4) earrings - for her

im so so happy to b able to celebrate valentines with was so much fun..baring with ur cheekiness can b tough..but being with u jus melts my anger.. :) love u so muchie!!!

p/s: pray for me to get an internship in wer im aiming to work at..

-thanks faithful listener-

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