Thursday, February 11, 2010

Career Forum + Hi Tea

this is our LAST career unit event for the year 2010... :) happy n sad at the same sure im gonna miss the hecticness in denim..n also the busyness of attending all sorts of meetings...this year's career unit has been the year i spend most time lepaking after events..this week its almost every day lepak with my ASA team..hehe :P

the forum

1) Dr Vigna - IME
2) Miss Shamini - UNITEN (moderator)
3) Mr Vic - Jobstreet
4) Miss Debbi - Shell

the so called 'attentive' listeners..haha

the forum lasted for about an hour..after that was hi-tea..the time we all have been waiting for!! :P once we were all done..i gave out the merchandises to all the committees..den it was time for photos...snap snap snap!!!

career unit 2010

gonna miss working with u guys...may peng & mastura

after the hard was time for another session of lepaking..haha.. :P this time a lil more exciting..i called miss v together..we went for movie n chinese dinner... :)

7/10 ★

after was almost 10 d..everyone was no late outings today!! hehe...
cheers to career unit 2010!!! was nice working with u guys except one or two... :P *a pat on ur back*..well done!!! for those graduating from the team..all the best n thanks for the guidance! :)

p/s : i cant wait to go home!! collect ang pau time!

-thanks faithful listener-

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