Friday, February 19, 2010

♠ chinese new year 2010 ♠

a week of chinese new year (CNY) holidays is soon gonna b over..i did haf lots of fun meeting up with my secondary frens n make this post not too long..i will show u peeps many many many pictures..hehe.. :P

new year's eve:

i arrived home around 2am plus..

spotted a special CNY plant at home: 'hong wan tong thau'

indon bird of the paradise..unique? cant deny my mum got green fingers :P

steamboat..yum yum!!

reunion dinner...


1st day of CNY:

angpau time!! *grinz*

a bouquet for my mum..happy birthday mummy!!!

2nd and 3rd day of CNY:

reunion dinner with relatives in ipoh..thats the longivity mee :)

5th day of CNY:

meet up with izrin..nice to catch up!!

nikki is back from miri!! :P

the girls meet up...feels back in convent..hehe

free drink on CNY..good start ;)

seems like i missed out my 4th day of CNY huh?? not to worry..i had a wonderful day..need a post by itself to tell u guys all about it...hehe...stay tune!!! for those travelling back this weekend...haf a safe journey!!! :)

-thanks faithful listener-

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