Wednesday, August 24, 2011

selamat tinggal Medan!

its finally time to say goodbye to Medan..but our flights are only at we could stil have lots of fun for the's itinery is more on shopping and holy visitations...

our 1st stop is the buddhist temple..
seems to have a touch from thailand =) trying to wake some monks up.. =P

the bugs there are huge!! eeeewww!

next was the velangkahni church
i was a little disturb by the physical structure..
very different compared to the usually churches we see..hmmm..

the princess-y me..haha
this is not a mosque ya =P
its the sultan's palace n i played dress me up there!
fun n silly =P

after tried being hot in the sun..its time to go for some shopping..we stopped at medan mall..its only 10% of mid valley i think..hmmm...we only took 2 hours to have lunch and walked tru all the shops there..can u believe it?? its not really a mall i think..should me medan hypermart...haha! =D

i had bakso for lunch..yums!

after was time to enjoy a lovely spa treatment..i had aromatherapy with lulur and a bubble bath!! awesome relaxation!! and something silly masseur was very strong..i was kinda suffering with the strength she was massaging i screamed 'kurang kuat'..suddenly she put more pressure..gosh!! my bones lady!! so i screamed louder..n finally she realize i meant 'kurangi kuat'..gosh!! jus and 'I' can make a whole lot of meaning!! hahahha =P 

my last meal in medan
murtabak indomie
i kinda prefer indomie itself =P

i had such an incredible journey for 3 days..experiencing new things in a new land..i will definitely save up and visit indonesia again..many states in indonesia im looking forward to... =)

jus leave ur comments if u need help about medan!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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