Friday, August 12, 2011

tepanyaki express, pavillion

ahhh...eating at pavilion for lunch again.. =) this time we chose 'tepanyaki express'..its a japanese restaurant at their food court...tepanyaki is the total opposite of sashimi as tepanyaki is japanese cooked food! hehe..

first of all find a place to sit
its jus a stool comfy sofas.. =)

place ur order!!
i had oysters with chili and garlic sauce
this set comes with soup, rice n drink (RM20)
price varies according to the main dish

cut cut cut
fry fry fry
sawi..hmmm..not a fan of it tho..
but it also comes with tauge
FREE vege! =)

the chef is cooking our food
can u spot my oysters??
*i cant =(*

my lunch is here!!
lets om nom nom nom =D

such a yummy lunch!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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