Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Parapat - Berastagi

sorry for this really late post..i have been very busy in my little working world.. =( ok so here is the continuation of my medan trip..my 2nd day in medan is way more fun than the first day..so im really happy!!! =) since yesterday we had an early night..so we woke up really early as well..

went around our hotel to take pictures

love the view from up here!!

once we had our breakfast..it was time to continue our journey..im going to cruise on lake toba..weee~!! gonna b so interesting...can u imagine many many years ago..lake toba was actually a volcano..gosh!! must b really HUGEEE!

i was fascinated with these drooping flowers..hehe

poor lil kids washing clothes by the lake banks.. =(
taught me how to appreciate my dobi n washing machine more!

this is the boat i will b on soon!!
will b goin across the lake to tomok village...

can u see tomok village behind me?? =)

welcome to king sidabutar's palace
looks like a kampung rite?? haha..

this village is a very unique one..their roofs are like our minangkabau houses..and they have really small doors..they kinda want public to respect them without a choice..u need to bow down to enter the king's palace..so respect respect already!!

this is a tomb..can u believe it?
their palace are so run down but the tomb is so modern..haha!!
realize the scarf? its called ulu ulu..a sign of respect too
oh ya! 99% of the people here are christians..so awesome!! =)

i bought my ole ole here.. =)

after tomok village..it was time to say bye to parapat..time to go to berastagi...weee~! but the journey is 6 hours!! OH NO!

look at the lake toba for the last time..haha..
great creation of GOD for sure!

after 3 hours of winding road..im getting very dizzy!! =( time to stop by and get some fresh air and tea break..makan time!! hehe =D

the not so yummy indonesian satay..hehe

the very yummy pisang goreng!!! i miss it!!!

there was a kinda dried up tomato garden..hehe

after about 30 minutes of break..my head is finally back to normal..no more spinning around =P so its time to continue the other half of the journey...and after a nap..i finally reached berastagi.. =)

this is sipiso piso waterfall
the main attraction in berastagi!! =)
can u believe it i felt like fainting hiking back up!! urgh!

i went for a horse carriage ride..
the horse poo-ed!! gosh!! what a gift!

finally checked in mikie holiday hotel
we immediately settle down n left for some photo time =)

lovely purple flowers

love his photography skills..hehe!

beli beli beli...hehe!!!

there was a funland jus walking distance..weee~!

this is actually like a mini theme park


we din play this..no team! haha

since yesterday we had an early night d..today its not gonna happen again..hahaha...so we decided to pay our driver a lil tips as ask him to fetch us to a hot spring..hehe..

HOT!! look at the smoke!

we can even cook eggs!! haha...

after soaking up in the hot spring..i slept really well that night..hopefully i din snore! haha....cant wait to tell u guys about my last day in medan... =) stay tune ya...thanks for reading!

-thanks faithful listener-

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