Saturday, August 13, 2011


 its the time of the year that i LOVEEEE! time to go for a vacation...weeee~!!! this time i went to medan..wondering wats horas?? its like 'apa khabar' or 'hello' =) HORAS!! hehe...

@ putrajaya express train station
its my first time on this fast train =)
only RM5.50 from here to lcct..including bus d..


i arrived medan at 8.30am (medan time) and my bro will only come at i decided to have breakfast..hungry!!

since im in indonesia..of coz indomie is on my list!!
yum yum.... =P

once my brother arrived..we decided to go for city tour on the last we went straight to parapat..the journey was BUMP, BOUNCE, ROCK, ROW!! dun worry..all that was done in a van..the roads were full of holes!! gosh! 

finally after all the bouncing..its time for lunch
we stopped  by restaurant simpang tiga.. =)
very very yummy ayam pop!

next stop along the way was a patent shop selling...
teng teng, ting ting, pong pong, ping ping
hahahaha...funny but yummy!
i love teng teng!! =)

after 6 hours journey...we finally arrived at parapat..i was quite dizzy cause of the winding roads..huhu..but lucky once we arrived..the air was fresh cause we were quite high up! =) n thanks to our driver, mr mukris..we arrived safely =P it definitely not easy to drive in medan!!

i bought cute lil mangoes
small n sweet

we finally checked into our hotel
looking at the nice pool n beautiful view
i cant resist taking a dip!!

i swam til it was sunset!! haha...
very very nice...wish i had dslr =/

after 90 mins of swimming and wen my skin all started to wrinkle..its time to get out of the pool! haha...den we had dinner at the hotel itself..parapat is a town that sleeps by 8.30pm i think!! oh no!!

the only row of shops open at nite..sad!

since most of the shops are closed and the massage at the hotel is fully booked..i called it a day by 9.30pm..good nite!!!

stay tune for more of parapat and berastagi =)

-thanks faithful listener-


  1. Are you using travel agency to get from medan to parapat?

  2. Yes..i used a travel agent package right from medan airport until last our driver took us to parapat..