Wednesday, August 10, 2011

kompleks kraf sempena hari raya!

raya at kompleks kraf 2011

if u guys do not office is walking distance to kompleks at times..i do haf lunch there..n lately they haf hari raya bazaars there..some selling baju raya, kuih raya, accessories, crafts and even a sections which shows how to make kuih raya!!! i love that section most!!! =)


step 1: dip the oiled mould into the coloured flour

step 2: shake it off in a hot boiling pot of oil

step 3: once its cooked..take it out!! =)

step 4: shape it on a cover of a petals down

tadaa!!! love the rose?? pretty.....

give it a try back home...
looks easy but i havent really tried it out yet..hehe


p/s: if anyone has the recipe for the flour..please help me out!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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