Saturday, August 27, 2011

we are 3 years old ♥

cant believe someone stole my heart for 3 years already..haha =P 3 might sound like a small number..but its actually 1095 days..thats a lot!! hehe..but i hope many more to come..

in this thousand over days..many would b a lie if it was all roses..there were definitely times went we fought by words and by actions..haha..wrestling maybe..hahaha..and of coz sometimes im smitten by his words and actions too =)

in this 3 years we have accomplished a lot too...i mean in my hobby which is travelling..hehe..we have now been to 3 countries together already and i am looking forward to many more too..weee~!!

a heart full of sweet ice cream..awww!!

the happy and blessed me.. =)
welcoming lil tomok..hehe

love this picture of us sooo much!
romantic..haha =P

i wanna thank God for sure wen God made me He thought about u..thats y ur fingers fit perfectly with mine =) thanks dear for always giving in, tolerating and understanding me..thanks for your care, comfort and love..i know i can never find someone like u who can make me angry but laugh at the same time..

I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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