Tuesday, August 9, 2011

lunch @ grand millenium hotel

my company is having a get together again!!! and of coz the center of us all is FOOD!! haha...this time we are having lunch at hotel grand millenium..its buffet!! =) yummy!!! its very near to my office..so we all walked there together..fun! =)

these are my frens at table one

frens at table two..
say cheese!! hehe

my table.. =)
if u look careful..u can see lots of salmon sashimi on my plate..haha

another picture please.. =)

*thumbs down review*
the variety was a little lesser
thats practically all that can be found..sobs!

moving on...
we celebrated our july babies bday!!

happy bday kak!!
thanks for alwiz dropping me home! =)

michaela's last week already..
gonna b missing her!!
keep in touch ya...

the very FULL me

*yawns...i wonder how i worked with the full tummy*

-thanks faithful listener-

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