Thursday, June 2, 2011

-my cosy room-

i have been living in this comfy room of mine for about 2 weeks d... =) i have been enjoying it...i have the privacy of my own n the condo im renting has a pool!!! so i kinda like swimming now..hehe =) let me take u for a simple tour around my room..ok??? lets start! =)

my super single pull out bed from wescourt
hard cardboard box as my bedside table from ikea

front my curtains n bed sheets!
they camouflage with the wall..hehe..
thanks to sunshine square..

this is my 'study' area...
place where i go online, update my journal and work on my crafts! =)

my cute dressing that it has many compartments
its a sliding mirror and there are shelves beside the mirror too!
i love it!!! =)

my wardrobe...
i hope it will always be enuf for the amount of my clothes =)


-thanks faithful listener-


  1. comey nya val..i love white! hehehee

    psttttt..tu nmpk mesin timbang berat pinky2 tuuuuuuuuuu~ hahahaa
    dlm blk i pn i ltk..hahaha

  2. aduh syreen..kantoi plak...yela..timbang timbang pown gemux..tak tau jadi ape kalo x timbang..hahaha...

  3. itu laaaaaaaaaaaa..same! timbang tu nk sdap ati ja val! hahahah.. tp x turun2 jgk meter tuh..stress! :)))