Monday, June 20, 2011

I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dah hampir 2 bulan x jumpa!! i miss u all..........HUGS!!!!!! kite bukak la folder kite yang berlambak...oh my gosh!!! byk giler gmbr best ni je lar y ak upload sbb y lain censored!! hahahahah....especially time banjir..igt x yati n cah?? =P

one of our 1st picture together...

our 1st great outing...
jeram + egg sandwich!! favorite! =)

yati...ape tengok tengok!! =P
windu la nk geletek kau!! hahaha...

the craziest thing we ever did!!!
standing in the middle of the road n taking picture in putrajaya!! =P
ingat x???

big big hugs!!!! awww......

these girls are my great listeners..they have seen me laugh like a santa claus..cry like a baby..and be moody to the maximum!! we have celebrated birthday together...gone tru hard times together and helped each other tru rough moments..we have oso made exam toyols together =P ahhahaha...but besides all that..we TRAVEL!!!! weeee~!

us @ port dickson... =)

us @ perak!!! weee~!

snorkelling time!!

the fishes love us!!...hehehehe!!!


-thanks faithful listeners-

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