Tuesday, June 7, 2011

my 1st factory visit

i think based on my performance during the training..i PASSED!!!!

i can go out on my 1st local factory visit..YAAAY!!! =D

got my 1st safety shoes...
thanks Reinhausen..im protected now..hehe

this factory manufactures transformers
those are the windings

this is the inside of a transformer
the coverings are not ready yet

this are the cables used

and these are the high quality insulators

once they ordered a tap changer from us
the service team will inspect the connections
once its alrite..den the QC is approved!! =)

it needs to b 'baked' so there is no vapour
completely dry!! =)

this factory visit opened my eyes to sooo many things
now i understand y people say
"wen u work..nothing much comes from the text books"

-thanks faithful listener-

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