Wednesday, June 1, 2011

occupational first aid training...

i am chosen to go tru a first aid training as danger and hazards can happen anywhere and anytime..i will soon be having some factory visits and more hands on training..therefore the risk of an accident happening will increase..

its a 2 day course..1st day on the theoretical side while the 2nd day is all about the practical was kinda fun actually so much new knowledge to learn!! from CPR to bandages and emergency response..

can u imagine?? at the end of the course..we had a made up scenario..we were asked to leave our hall..den suddenly i heard my fren screaming help n we were suppose to attend to her..wen i pushed open the door..i was SHOCKED!!!!!!

the 1st thing that came to my mind was..
is this real?? hahaha

we had to bandage her accordingly
there were open wounds
there was a nail stucked in her finger too!!!

i was so into my duty..
din remember that it was fake..haha

the victim fainted..
oh no!! we had to do CPR..
i mean pretend to do so..haha

i definitely learnt a lot and most of all i had FUN!!! 


-thanks faithful listener-

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