Sunday, June 12, 2011

snowalk i-city

i got to hear about a promotion goin on in i-city..there is this snowalk (a big room turned into a winter scenario)..the usual price for adults are RM25 and that includes the fur jacket..but the gloves are for sale at RM10...but the promo is RM15 for adults..good deal?? so i decided to explore!!!

this is a superman sled!!
pull me!! zoom!!! =)

there was an area for snow fight!! FUN!!!

this is part of a slide
i sat on the float and i was spun down the slope!!
weeeeee~!! it was a great thrill..hehe

there were also decorative things
good spot for photos..but..
good lightings is needed! =)
if not ur photos will b slightly dark like mine =P


-thanks faithful listener-

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