Monday, June 13, 2011

my easy recipe : beef steak with black pepper sauce

ever since i started working in kl..i have also started trying out various recipes...very very simple ones..suitable for a small family =) im happy to be improving my cooking skills because food is the way to a man's heart..rite?? hehehe...

so every monday..i will b posting a simple recipe of mine..the amount is just nice for two..couple meals..haha..hopefully u guys wont find it too simple!! =)

today's menu
black pepper steak with french fries and toast bread

things u need:

2 rib eye steak
small packet of french fries
2 slices of bread
chopped onion
chopped garlic
light soy sauce
oyster sauce
black pepper

the simple steps:

marinate the steak with light soy sauce and some sprinkle of black pepper for about 30 mins..grill the steak or put it in a preheated oven at 200'..keep ur eyes on it to avoid burnt steak!! =) collect the juice that drips from the steak if adds flavour to the sauce..while the steak is cooking..deep fry the french fries till it turns golden brown..for the sauce..pan fry the onions n garlic till its slightly golden den add 2 table spoon of oyster sauce, a pinch of salt n sugar with 4 soup spoons of water...once it comes to a boil..sprinkle some black pepper and stir!! once all ready to serve!!! yay!!

cream of chicken

this soup goes well with everything western..haha..a great dip for the bread!

things u need:

a tin of campbell soup (your choice)

the simple steps:

all you need to do is pour a tin of the campbell soup into a tin of cream equals one tine of water..thats the best measurement..once its boiling..its ready to serve!!! add some butter and pepper for more taste! for me..i love to add an egg =)


have a great dinner tonite

-thanks faithful listener-

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