Saturday, June 25, 2011

super GT 2011

its finally the week for the super GT supporting number 46!! im rooting for Masataka and Ronnie!! =) i bought the grandstand tickets..yay! there were lots of exhibitions to check out before the race..

awesome car~!!

awesome engine.. =)

there was a section something like

this interior has crystals and a mini bar!

perhaps a disco place too! haha..

this has a 32 inch tv!! gosh!

this should be the vintage wedding cars..hahahaha

cool right if the bride n groom were sitting where she was?!

this one is awesome as well..
i wouldnt mind any of these for my wedding..haha

the RACE is finally about to START!!!

many getting a closer shot at the cars

this is the pit stop

the cars getting ready...

ready, set, go!!!!!!!!

check out the video for a feel of the great sound!!

this is my 1st experience and i enjoyed it!! =)

-thanks faithful listener-

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