Monday, September 20, 2010

wonderful birthday! ♥

to begin with..on my was great to sleep in.. :) after a nice shower..oops! it was time for lunch we went for a very yummy chicken ham rice at usj..yum yum!

looks yummy, smells good n taste great!

after lunch..we wanted to go to one utama.. :) wanted to catch a movie...b4 that he told me to wait at home n he used an excuse that he needed to meet his fren for half an hour..since he helped me serviced my car n all..i din question wen he was back..we left!

ratings: 7/10 

our 1st time

really comfy..can easily doze off..haha

after the movie...there was not much time to waste..he said there is dinner waiting for us..n no more clues i jus follow lor..hehe..he took me to sumwer the gps was showing the end of all more roads after that!!! we droved passed many nice it!

at the entrance..indochina style!

check out the romantic walkway!!

finally we haf arrived the restaurant :)

i love the ambience soooo much 

our dishes...all so unique taste! nyum nyum!

once we were done with eating n taking lots of was time for dessert..n yay~! my bee cake is here!! sooooo cute! i was really happy wen i saw it..i didnt wanna eat it..awwww...

buzz buzz!

thanks so much ♥!

finally we ate the was really delicious..the creme was at a really good texture n i love the butter cake! sluurp!! den it was time for more photos around the area...

love the candle effect around!

the comfy bar area

a change from all yellow lightings..hehe

the walkway back to our car!

i had so much fun on my day! wat a great way to celebrate my 22nd birthday..thanks C for this wonderful plan! its really far beyond wat i expected..ur just great with surprises!! 

hugs & kisses!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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