Tuesday, September 28, 2010

massive camp 2010

this is actually a kinda late post..hehe..its like back dated for about a week or more...hmmm...i had a christian fellowship camp all the way in genting highlands..but the bungalow we stayed in is not very high..haha..its at the foot of genting actually..we were there for 3 days 2 nights..what happened for the three days..i shall allow my pictures tell u the story!

this is wat our bungalow looks like..
the girls on the upper floor..n guys below!

our ice breaking game..
looks simple..try guessing wats in the pail!!!

we are the commanders of the camp!

oh gosh!! imagine this game...
we got to roll over each other!!
luckily i din break anyone's bones! hahahaha

we were more serious in preparing for devotion this time.. =)

in conclusion..devotion was so much more fun..
we learnt a lot too!!

a game to learn about trust..
we had no sabotage! the game masters are!!

my team did awesome!!

this is my 5th and last camp...huhu..its really sad to b reminded of it...this is a place were i made real frens..these are the people i know if im in deep trouble..they are there to help me! =) dun u feel great knowing uu haf frens like these? thanks so much frens..especially those of my intake..u guys made my uni life so much fun!! since its our last..more group photos please.....hehe... =P

great pastor! *applause*

love this shoot!

under one roof..haha

my closest intake mates...

aww...my girls!

supposingly penangites only..but...never happens!
everyone wants to b a penangite! haha

all final year students..huhu..gonna miss u all!

what a great camp with all of u!!!
big big hugs!


-thanks faithful listener-

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