Saturday, September 25, 2010

birthday with buddies!

 its a friday!!! a sudden last minute plan came up to catch the happy hour promotion in 'green box' karaoke in jusco balakong...n three of us agreed so off we went!! the promotion was from 10am to 2pm..but we arrived only at 11am...(a lil about the promotion..the price is based on wat lunch u order..compulsory to haf lunch..cheapest meal on the menu is RM12++)

this is me n yati..singing our hearts out! haha
thanks chah..the photographer..

after a few an hour of singing...yati excused herself saying she needs to use the was really long..perhaps half an hour n i started to worry if she was ok... =/ den suddenly wen i was excited singing the song i chose...she walked in with a cake!!! awwwww....

*blush blush*

a bday song immediately appeared on the karaoke screen..
wow! my 1st experience after 22 years on earth..hehe

the great singer..singing all the way so that i wont ask wer is yati..

the great actress..went to the toilet for more than 30 mins!! hmmm...

thanks so much my girls!!!!
it was really memorable...

BIG TIGHT HUGS, my buddies!!!!
~love u yati bucuk and chah untat~

-thanks faithful listener-

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