Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chicken Hartz, Sunway Pyramid

another buka puasa time!!! this time buffet...yay~!!!
since its ramadhan time...u must reserve..
its RM29.90 nett

the salad bar

asian cuisine corner

chicken & chicken & chicken

ice cream!!! u scream? =P

dessert corner..i love the cookies! yum yum!

cute anot my salad?? hehe
mr fruits  ms salad

after a couple of rounds of tummy was about to burst..all of us needed a break n photo sessions r the best theraphy! hehe...oh before the pics...i got some comments to share..the food are jus ok-ok..mebbe since its fasting month...the fried chicken are longer crispy..n the waiters there are slow..we cleared our own plates!! hmmm...

mirror image

all of us... :)

there is a saying...
"its not where who are that creates the ambience..its who u are with!"

thanks buddies!!!

-thanks faithful listener-


  1.'s getting more expensive d..last time only rm17++ :)
    nice blog~ <3


  2. really?? haiyo..but food not very nice oso...huhu..i love ur blog pics.. :)

  3. gamba last tu kat mana?alamanda?hahaha