Monday, September 27, 2010

happy birthday, google!!!

wow!! today is one of my favorite "people's" birthday!
early morning wen i turned on my lappy...i saw this!!

i was excited!!! =)

without the birth of life will b crappy!!
let me tell u how much i owe google..hehe

everytime i on the lappy...
i meet mr google..
i start searching for more facts!!
funny ones, silly ones and of coz knowledgeable ones!! 

mr google oso helps me a lot!!
of coz in my final year project!!
without mr google..i dunno wat i will do...
cant imagine life jus researching from books!!
OH NO!!!

 thanks for putting smiles on so many faces!!!
im sure many people will never work in R&D sectors without mr google..hehe

HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY, most world known!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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