Thursday, September 16, 2010

welcoming 2-2!!

im back in kl... =) came back on the 10.30am i should arrive by 3.30pm but my bus driver loves the R&R...gosh! we had 3 stops in 5 hours! finally i arrived at 4pm..late late..usually i reach in 4 5 and a half!! urgh! i dun like being long in buses..i tend to get giddy.. =( or mebbe because i was looking forward to meeting someone in kl..

once i arrived..i collected my car from the workshop..did servicing + timing belt changed + window repaired + door rubber renewed + car door handle changed = YAY! safe to drive to genting!! wooohooo~!

shades on! im ready! =)

 awesome sunset! i like!

we came all the way to genting obviously not jus for the winding roads..haha..but for dazzle!!! live performance! weee~!

 he said i look like im in a subway..hehe

 quick dinner at mcD

 cheers to a cheezie nite.. =)

after dinner...we went to first world for the show! im excited..its my 1st time to such live shows besides royal london circus..haha..


check out the stage!

check out this video..

this umbrella magician is his favorite!

the quick clothes changing act was my favorite!

after an hour show..we walked walked around genting..the shops were closed late! time for window shopping..den we explored new things..den wen home at around 2am.. =) such a great way to welcome my day n enjoying the moment with the one i love! ♥ thanks so muchie!

-thanks faithful listener-

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