Sunday, September 12, 2010

an early celebration with brother ♥

i jus arrived home from singapore!! :)
had a great time with my brother...
its really very hard to go on a holiday with him..
the busiest in the family..haha

stayed here! nice!

deluxe suite

love the toiletries setting :)

got my 1st gift here!! :)
nice blue hard rock singapore tee!

bro took me for dinner in night safari..
not really comfy..but special!
at the main entrance

had a great tyme!!

me n bro in the tram :)

last surprise...hehe
marina sands sky garden!!
awesome view!

i like this place..
but too crowded!

thumbs up!

spotted these two stilt walkers on the way back..

i had soooooo much fun!! thanks koko!
great way to enter the 2-2 zone..


-thanks faithful listener-

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