Wednesday, July 14, 2010


world cup is actually over..gosh!! altho im not a lover of this sport..but since everyone is talking bout it..i should not b left out..haha.. =D n also because of his influence..i supported spain n woot woot~!!! david villa rawks!! hehe..i has been awesome supporting them from the start!!

 football warriors.. :)

i cant agree more that they won the "FIFA Fair Play" trophy...i dun like those countries can purposely kick other players or pretend to be injuries hoping for a free kick or penalty...eeeewwww!!! Spain played their heart out to win fairly...i like!!!!

he not only plays superbly..he looks superb too!! =D
congrats for winning the silver boot trophy!
u are awesome!!!

the saver of the day...
the "Golden Glove" trophy winner...weee~!!

suddenly in the middle of the world paul the octopus became sooo famous..he was like a 'bomoh' fortune teller..hehe..he started predicted winners for each match..the owner would place food in 2 different containers labeled wit two different countries..n which ever he eats from wins!

 spain vs germany...correct!

spain vs holland
luckily correct!! if not..i'll fry u! hehe
but paul had 8 right predictions! :)
well done mr octopus!

congrats Espanyol!!!!!!!!
u all deserve to b glorious!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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