Friday, July 9, 2010

the worst time to drive

las week i was in penang...i experience terrible rain!! it was not heavy but filled with thunder n lightning..i could not even see the car in front of me..on the highway..i usually go 110 km/h..but that two days (goin back to penang and also back to kl) i cud only go 80 km/h max!!

on my way back to penang:

once i passed by the ipoh was jus drizzling..i tot i should drop by my aunty's house to say hi and mebbe have a quick meal with off we went...after dinner..oh no!!! the roads in ipoh started to flood!! ahhh...n my aunty kept reminding me to keep goin..dun brake..but how?? i cant even see the car in front of me clearly!! gosh!! i was really terrified..

at one point..i stopped at the side of the road since many cars in front of me 'mati engine'..i think the waters have entered the engine...but at the side of my car..there was a drain overflowing as well...NOT SAFE!!! we had no choice so i continue to struggle til my aunty's house...thank God we arrived home safely..i had to call my bro saying i wil only drive again 2moro...phew!!

on my way back to kl:

this is not taken by me but the scenario was the same!!

sorry bout the pic above..i definitely could not think of taking any pictures as my knees were shaking trying to reach kl..the journey this time seem so so long!!! the road to the next rest area seemed like miles n miles away!!! usually wen i drive back..i dun liking stoping at any rest area..but this time..i was praying to see one!

i kept telling myself to drive in the middle of the road cause there were cars that seemed quarter drown at the side..even if driving in the middle of the roads means "DONKEY"..i wont care!! jus for a day! =P i really pity motorist..sum were even pushing their bikes.. =( poor them! almost reaching sungai buloh rest area..i saw a jeep (i tink its pajero) skidded and hit onto the divider..ouch! that made me drove slower...60 km/h?? haha

finally wen i arrived kl..the sun shone!! slightly but at least mr rain is gone!! phew!!!

things to do b4 u travel : (luckily i did..if not??)
service your car
check the tyres
check the wipers
check your lights..brake lights, high lights...etc

although my journey was longer than usual..scarier than normal journeys..i thank God i arrived home safely!!! =) now im not afraid of driving under the rain..but not heavy ones!!!! there is always sumthing good to gain after sumthing tough...yay!

p/s: thanks nissa for ur lappy...

-thanks faithful listener-

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