Monday, July 19, 2010

apartment sweet apartment

i am no longer staying in campus!!!! hmmm...i dun noe its a happy thing or wat yet..since its jus 2 weeks since i stayed here..but im happy that all my furnitures are complete...

list to buy:
1. matress its thick n springy..nice!
2. cupboard pink n white in colour..i like!
3. shoe rack two stories..jus enuf..cant buy more shoes..hehe
4. study table banquet table..4x3
5. chair from cushion too!
6. floor mat heart shape..aww! only for clean legs..haha

since my list are done..i brought my besties to my apartment.. :) hmmm...not like a home..but sufficient to feel comfy..haha

jalan-jalan cari rumah ;p

in the lift..up to 12th floor!

ready to enter my apartment???

this is MY corner..

i got a photo corner too..hehehe..

u like my apartment?? my besties did!! weee~!

-thanks faithful listener-

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