Monday, July 12, 2010

hammer bay seafood, penang

jus a few months being away from penang...a new seafood hang out found is born..haha.. =P my frens n i were thinking of a place to hang out for supper..HAMMER BAY!!! i was like huh? i dunno wer at penang changing that rapidly? gosh!!

this place sells one of the yummiest and cheapest seafood...its so fresh n *drools*...oops! hehe...the place there is by the beach..let me tell u sum the queensbay round about..if ur coming from the bridge..jus go 12 o'clock..n taaa-daa!! the shop will b right in front! :)

lots of need to fight! hehe

more cosy ones in the hut..can u spot the huts??

a closer look...traditional huh? =)

u got to fold ur legs n no skirts okay?? =P

enuf with the surroundings...time for the FOOOD!!!! *slurrpssss* writing bout it makes me feel like driving 5 hours home to eat it is worth while..haha...

so fressshhh...jus caught from the sea..i was told..

3 of us shared..n it was only RM7..the rempah was super yummy!

sotong goreng is a must...can u imagine..
we ordered 2 plates! each RM5
wish girls didnt haf to diet..haha

thanks girls for recommending this place...miss u all!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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