Friday, July 2, 2010

reunion with my high school buddies...

on was ladies nite..hehe..our very own ladies guys please!! its a time to meet up with all my CGLians... :) time to catch up..laugh at our silly times n of course make more plans for the future...bandung? malacca? sipadan? cruise? wow! lots of plans...hopefully at least one come tru.. =P

we decided to meet up at BED, E-gate..its a cafe and lounge..but the place actually dun matter wen a big bunch of frens meet up.. :)

most of us are frens since primary..
wow! thats many many years ago....

it was her burfday...
two big twos for u! hehe

from left: nadia, marhani, me, lay theng, fen, lesley, min wei
its was so much fun snapping pictures..
feel so popular for a day! haha

my partners in crime..
look at how they still bully me..huhu

we dun usually talk much in school..
but now wen me meet...we jus cant stop!! =P

sebrina tan
my fren since kindy...bluebells partners!

look at how we were in out own world?
climbing on seats n even up to the shelves..hehe
but it was all pure FUN! =D

i definitely had so much fun...i cant wait to meet up with u all again..its jus amazing how we din meet up for years n jus in a sudden proved that distance can never steal frenships!! im already looking forward for our next gathering...

gonna miss u girls!!!

-thanks faithful listener-

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